Joseph Mcstays illness ??

Nothing just nothing pissed me off more than this stupid news report. Indicating his vertigo illness can be a cause of drugs?? Beyond the fact all that evidence they are talking about is pure shit.

I was reading his symptoms and they sounded exactly what I had for almost a year. You feel sick as hell.  I can see why he might have thought those things. I had to go to the er a couple of times because of it.  I think all this feeling sick stuff is not relative to the case.  Everywhere I turn there is someone insinuating drugs (who cares about pot if he did that. I have no idea) but there’s zero evidence of that or if there is no ones sharing.  I just ran across that stupid video tonight.

Labyrinth you can’t do anything about. It goes away on it’s own time if ever. Not a few weeks for everyone like the article above says. I was sick as hell and everyone’s like you look fine. Shit will knock your world off kilter.  So many symptoms from your head to your ears to your stomach. Varies.  It’s an inner ear thing.  So much stupidity around this case.

Nothing suspicious about Summers names. I’ve had many.  Anyways… people just focus on some of the dumbest parts of the case.  Everything someone does is not “bad”.  Or rather have a criminal intention. I still think Joseph was being a bit paranoid about possible poisoning.  I’m completely tossing any thoughts of that to the side. Their both dead unfortunately.  So I don’t see how that would amount to anything at the moment. I just don’t buy that it ACTUALLY  happened. Period. He may have thought it but I think it ends there…..unless the person who spreading all that was actually poisoning him. Something to think about because both of them are dead.

Total soap opera and I tell you at the end of the day it’s going to be some dumb low IQ fool that just got really lucky due to the many missteps in this case. I’m being nice.

4 responses to “Joseph Mcstays illness ??

  1. I don’t know about Summer’s name changes either. Last names I can see, a step-father’s name if that even true, a married name, even though one seems to be her own creation Martelli and she wanted to come off as Italian when she really wasn’t? And she kept that one up right because her husband thought their kids had Italian in them?

    The first names I don’t know, to be known as Lisa. Hey Lisa, what’s up Lisa. Then you’re known as Virginia. Hi Virginia, how’s it going Virginia? Both family names she didn’t care for so tried rearranging them? Then you want to be known as Summer. Hi, is Summer there?

    Did she really have home births, and no hospital records for them? I guess the little boys had dental records though right because how did they identify them?

    Then claiming to be ten years younger. That, I don’t even know why she would think she could pass for ten years younger. It’s like a whole different generation. It wasn’t just a junk email account she claimed that age to right because her mother in-law thought she was ten years younger until she saw the missing posters?

    • So many reasons. I’ve gone by various names for personal reasons. I had a friend also that lied about her age only by 1 year though. Her husband was all confused after she died. I don’t get exactly why she did. Wasn’t like she was under age either. People do things for many different reasons that are not criminal. Maybe she just had issues with her age? Few celebs that lie too so it’s not that out of the ordinary. She just may have been a bit more eccentric.

      • If it is just a matter of coming up with some idea that includes poison and Summer even though she is dead, it could be that she and someone else was poisoning him but the plan backfired and she ended up dead too. Not that I think that is likely, just saying someone can always come up with something from imagination.

      • Ya I don’t think any poisoning was involved no matter what. I have to go get a catscan soon from this similar issue. Just is. There’s possibility ppl just have it and they don’t know what causes it. Also be other health things they have to keep running test.

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